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For the Love of Kitchens

What could be a better Valentine's gift than an updated and custom kitchen? Well, it's not only a fabulous idea especially with Valentine's Day upon us, but its a great way to invest in your home. The kitchen is often referred to the 'heart' of the home. Family and friends gather together to share their daily lives, hopes, dreams, trials and memories in the kitchen, and to have it uniquely your style makes an even more special room in your house. These links share a few ideas and reasons why it can be of value to update and and customize your kitchen, as well as gives options to meet every type of budget. At Petersen Building, we rep for Woodland Cabinetry and they provide distinctively unique custom cabinets for any and all styles. We have enjoyed working with this 'Made in the USA' company, because they can give us exclusively custom options for our kitchen cabinet designs from high ceilings, creative corners, and sizing down the 'norm' to meet the needs of a historic home, they have met our specifications every time. We have created dozens of beautiful custom kitchens, and we can help you to create your very own unique 'heart' of your home

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