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Pick a Picnic Table and Make it your own

What's better than spreading a checkered table cloth across a picnic table on a hot summer's day, and serving up a good old fashioned picnic. Find the shade, let a soft breeze calm your thoughts and enjoy the company of someone special, and pony up to a lazy picnic. But before you get to this relaxing point, how about creating your very own uniquely custom picnic table to share the special moments upon. There's gobs of plans out there for picnic tables...long, short, round, pallets, name it you could virtually create a picnic table on most anything. But I wanted to share a few sites that give plans for traditionally bench tables, and then a couple that share some unique styles with not only handy plans for making them, but also creative ways to restore what you might have. Take a peek and customize something just perfect for you, and then get out and enjoy the lazy days of summer.

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